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What is the Difference Between LELO SONA 2 & SONA 2 Cruise?

The Answer is in The 20% Suction Intensity Difference.

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This time we will answer a question that many have asked…What is the difference between LELO SONA 2 & SONA 2 Cruise?!

Wanta Sex Toys Enthusiast has tested SONA’s two sonic clitoral massagers. We are sure that the suction of SONA 2 Cruise is stronger than SONA 2, precisely 20% more.

SONA 2 and SONA 2 Cruise have the same packaging, appearance, color, (12 types) of suction and vibration modes, but Cruise has one more function, which is the Cruise Control technology.

All clitoral suction vibrators of different brands have their own unique suction technology. When suction activates, vibrations naturally generate.

Cruise Control is exclusively developed by the Sweden company LELO. During normal use, SONA 2 Cruise retains 20% of the suction power. Yet, when pressed hard onto the body, the 20% of power is released to ensure that it will not be reduced by pressing on the body, allowing the intensity to remain consistent. This technology is a fully automatic default function.

Review on SONA 2 & SONA 2 Cruise

by Mistress Mona from Wanta's UK Team of Sex Toys Enthusiasts

"When I want more, Cruise automatically increases the intensity for me! "

Wanta Sex Toys Enthusiast personally highly recommend SONA 2 Cruise more than SONA 2! Since the power of SONA 2 is limited, so when I tuned it to maximum level, I still felt that it was not enough. I myself like to stimulate the clitoris more vigorously, and to pursue stronger intensity, so the Cruise Control function in SONA 2 Cruise is just right for me. When I am excited and want more, I press the Cruise onto the clitoris more strongly, Cruise automatically increases the intensity for me, bringing me extreme pleasure and orgasm. Loving this subtle adjustment might be an understatement.

"It’s like an actual person sucking your clitoris and teasing you!"

After talking about the biggest difference between SONA 2 and SONA 2 Cruise, I will talk about my favorite and most admired SONA suction technology and modes! SONA 2 is equipped with SENSONIC technology, a wave technology. The thick silicone nozzle is like a mini speaker or sonic cannon, which transmits special waves quickly and gently to the depths of the clitoris, stimulating the whole C-spot. The entire nozzle vibrates at the same time, where the vibrating edges can be used to stimulate the clitoris, which also allows me to experience the exhilarating pleasure. It is exactly because LELO SONA 2 uses the sonic technology to create an unprecedented extreme vacuum suction sensation! When I put SONA 2 close to the clitoris, it was like a magnet, the nozzle clung onto it immediately, surprising me in the best way possible. Sucking the clitoris, the feeling is interesting and exciting! This Vacuum Suction Effect, coupled with the 2 / 3 / 4 / 11 burst mode of SONA 2's unique 12 kinds of suction and vibration modes, this toy is simply on top of the game! Although SONA 2 is not a toy that intends to imitate oral sex, through my history with sex toys that try to imitate oral sex, it most resembles a real person sucking the clitoris! It's like sucking and licking. Just a reminder, the twelfth mode is the most exciting and intense. It is best to adjust the power to the lowest (long-press the (-) button) when it is on, otherwise, you might immediately scream and cum!

The toy that most resembles a real person sucking the clit!

All in all, this Wanta Sex Toys Enthusiast strongly recommends SONA 2 Cruise! Although SONA 2 Cruise is a little bit more expensive than SONA 2, it is totally worth the price with it's one more crucial function, the Cruise Control ; Being a motion-sensing function, when Cruise is pressed on the body, it releases 20% more power! Giving you a realistic oral sex experience .

Tips on Using SONA

Flip SONA, with the button facing yourself, so it’s easier to handle.

Hold it in reverse/ grip it with your thigh - easier to handle when playing it with another person.

First find a position that suits you the most when using SONA and place the nozzle on the clit. If you find the direct sucking overwhelming, or find it difficult to match the clitoris with the nozzle; you can put the edge of the mouthpiece next to it in a distance you feel comfortable. As long as it doesn't make your clit feel too irritating. If the stimulation is too strong, take a break at any moment. As there is no specific way to reach an orgasm,only you could decide which way feels best through your intimate exploration with yourself. Being 100% waterproof, feel free to bring SONA 2 to the bathtub or shower. Because the water washes away your body's natural lubrication, LELO SONA 2 comes with a water-based lube that you could use as a replacement. The tender water-based lube can effectively keep the skin moisturized for a long period of time. But of course, it is up to the individual to decide whether to use lubricating fluid.

Charging Time: 2hrs. It will light up when it is fully charged.

Storage bag, water-based lubricant and USB charger included.

The charging location is under the body.

Product Information

GBP £75.95

GBP £110.95
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Imported from Sweden

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