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Jack : I bought this as my first "toy" & spent the first month rather pleased with this purchase, but I noticed the material felt a little thin in a couple of spots (around the right ribs. - Product Reviews

ANONYMOUS : This is my very first one, it doesn't smell bad but it is a little bit oily. I recommend only using one dropping of its lube to feel what's inside as the lube is quite thick. The t. - Product Reviews

Anonymous : First one i have ever bought and i have to say, it feels amazing to use, it's a pain to clean due to the amount of inner things, but it feels very good to use so it's worth it in m. - Product Reviews

HAPPY : Disappointing. I found it difficult to enter as the entry point is tiny. Once in the stimulation was not great. The structure with a large lump of rubber on the end made it difficu. - Product Reviews

Neotec : This feels unreal so soft and tight lovely entrance and look to..

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