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Simon : I really enjoyable product, and a big step up from cheaper items I had used before. Perfect size for me, and a nice weight. Both orafices are enjoyable and distinctly different. Pr. - Product Reviews

Neotec : This is the first doll type I have bought and I am happy to say it's awesome !!! great weight as well and can be used in many ways , magic eyes are quickly becoming my favourite co. - Product Reviews

Neotec : This onahole is fantastic tight and the feeling is just beautiful,I actually had tears in my eyes and that's never happened before haha I recommend this highly if you like high sti. - Product Reviews

Anonymous : It looks good, is great to touch and feel with the skeleton adding to that and giving the structure some needed rigidity. Quite expensive but I would say the size and quality are a. - Product Reviews

Anonymous : Not worth the price. This is the second hip onahole I've bought and it comes no where close to the first, a puni ana. It feels and looks fine, bar a slightly angular fold down the .

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