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Anon : First time buyer here and I have to say this is, hands down, one of my favorite purchases to date. The shape, feel, and overall experience is terrific. Apparently they can get ev. - Product Reviews

Anonymous : The first thing I noticed about this onahole was the firmness of the material. I'm used to NPG onaholes which are soft and squishy, this one is pretty firm, almost like muscle. Thi. - Product Reviews

Joey : The condoms are really thin but solid. They allow a very good feel during penetration and they are the best i tried so far. So far, i couldn't find anything that thin from shops in. - Product Reviews

Anonymous : This toy looks great and feel's great the anal tunnel not so much just a smooth feeling through out but the vaginal tunnel feel's very good easy to hold during use and easy to clea. - Product Reviews

Anonymous : Nice medium male masturbator super soft on the outside inside is slightly firm and has a tight entrance..

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