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NPG Utensil Race (Meiki) Proof (2nd Gen OL Story) Onahole - Nozomi Ishihara
The weight of the onahole and plushy labia combine wonderfully to feel soft and bouncy when pressed against the skin in use, externally very appealing.
Internally, the mixture of textures and tightness hug the member in a very tight sensual way, felt very organic for realism. Onahole is both durable and very deep, feels like heaven both slowly and going fast and deep, and God you can go deep with this toy. During the 3 months I've had this product the only deterioration I've noticed is slight leakage requiring more lubricant inside. Retains it's shape very well despite being very soft. Cleaning can be slightly tedious due to the depth but this should not put you off of all else that this toy can offer you in terms of pleasure and fulfilment. Box design professional and pretty, My first onahole so can't compare it to others
  Anonymous, 26/12/2021 21:02:57  
G Project Pururun Tennen Oppai Breast J-Cup Paizuri
Very soft and heavy. An absolute delight to squeeze and fondle. They bounce well and have different levels of Softness throughout. As they are very soft if you are too rough with them you could scar or tear the outer layer. Only downside is the best lower half is filled with the denser TPE so they feel alien. Like you're feeling Softness and then suddenly it's lost by these harder lumps underneath. Think they need to spend more time with real breasts in order to understand what they actually feel like. I'm sure it's done to keep them upright instead of flopping down. But that's what we want. Big soft floppy breasts. Wouldn't buy them again if they break but nice to add to my collection none the less.
  Anonymous, 11/12/2021 11:22:14  
NPG Utensil Race (Meiki) no Hinkaku - BLACK LABEL
PREMIUM onahole from the packaging to the onahole itself really soft but not too soft for it to lose its shape feels hefty and meaty on the hands the thick wall at the back makes for a nice feeling when finishing and going balls deep all the way in without worrying your going to pop out on the other side internal feeling feels great not too much going on in there but feels organic and not artificial with random bumps etc entrance durability is great once it got used to my size in stopped tearing but in the other hand I did have some tears inside could of been me or just the design of the toy inside seems like at the back where it ends is prone for tearing great onahole fully recommend!
  Anonymous, 23/11/2021 18:52:18  
Magic Eyes Red Riding Hood Gokusai Uterus X Shinen Hard Onahole
Excellent quality toy, really weighty and nicely designed. The box was of high quality but a little grotesque for my tastes so was discarded, I like the clear material as opposed to flesh coloured for the same reason. The sensation is absolutely the closest to real sex (with a petite/tight lady) that I've ever encountered. Hitting the uterus at the back is a also real turn on. I will definitely be buying Magic Eyes products in future, particularly these 'Hard' editions.
  Anonymous, 17/11/2021 16:24:39  
Ride Japan Perfect Hymen Virgin Kurogane Onahole
Build quality seems good, but the toy is on the small side. It's nice to handle and feels good inserting a finger, but I simply can't use this otherwise due to the narrow and extraordinarily tight passage. I can manage to 'pop' the first barrier but that's it. Definitely one for the Japanese market only for this reason.
  Anonymous, 17/11/2021 16:19:38  
ToysHeart Super Hard and Tight Athletics Girl
Very hard! Very very hard just like marble!!! that's only one thing i can say for this toy. Before purchase just think about how hard your boy can bear.Better to warm it before use.
  Anonymous, 13/11/2021 18:22:33  
ToysHeart Tight Innocent Pussy
Second time I've bought this with the last one lasting about 2 years it's a excellent onahole feels so soft and very tight giving intense feelings I highly recommend this if u thinking of buying a ona,or its your first purchase.
  Anonymous, 13/11/2021 16:19:54  
Ride Japan Raw Feeling Nenmaku Virgin Onahole
Pretty good, really starts to kick in if you use it fast.
This is also an easy to clean product. You can turn it inside out to clean BUT I do not recommend doing this as it could tear (mine did very slightly).
Feels good, is reasonably priced, easy to maintain, has a nice material.
  Anonymous, 04/11/2021 11:11:41  
NPG USB Onahole Warmer
I wouldn't buy this one again. I have used it several times and each time upon entry the heat is very good and then after three or four more insertingions, almost all of the heat is gone.
The price seems good, but you're probably better off spending more money and getting one that is consistant.
  Anonymous, 04/11/2021 11:06:33  
King - Tsubomi's Onaho
smelly soggy entrance was broken there is a reason why there is so much discount on it
  Anonymous, 02/11/2021 16:56:23  
ToysHeart R-20
Got this today and its lovely feeling and nice and tight holds lube well and feels intense highly recommend!
  Anonymous, 15/10/2021 21:00:23  
G Project Goku Hida Virgin Extreme Folds 1100 Onahole
Very dissapointed. The skin is rough and grainy. It looks quite nice but that is the only good thing I can say about it.
It doesn't have a sensual feel to it at all.
I normally stick with NPG or Magic Eyes, and will now continue to do so.
  Anonymous, 06/10/2021 21:03:23  
Rends Toy Cleaner
It works very well. Dries fast and has a nice smell. I recommend it.
  John, 30/09/2021 10:16:27  
Slutty Nurse Ian Hanasaki Onahole
My first onahole so can't compare it to others. However it feels nice, it's flexible enough for you to wiggle it around into positions you can get more pleasure from, and it's easy to clean.
  Anonymous, 19/09/2021 20:59:33  
ToysHeart Tight Virgin Onahole
Ripped at the top not even halfway through the first use, felt crap afterwards and don't remember anything from when it was intact.

I'm also only 5.5 inches.
  Anonymous, 15/09/2021 11:31:30  
Toysheart Plump Real
Good toy, is easy to clean (can be turned inside out), doesn't leak. Overall, very clean.

Is also very durable because of simple design. After 4 years of use there is only a small tear at the end of the tunnel. Doesn't affect functionality, but if you're on the bigger side, it might not hold up like for me (I'm 5.5"), but there is probably enough padding for an extra inch without destroying the toy as I never even see the top stretch out.

As for the feel, it is not too tight nor too loose, you can use it for either an intense session whilst using the dropping shaped thing for extra stimulation or a slow, lazy wank. You can adjust suction at will, the yummy fat folds, however without an internal structure and the bends in the fat folds make it kinda of floppy to hold.

Overall, I think this a good all round toy, but I just wish it was more stimulating, but that's because I'm a small bit of a masochist.
  Anonymous, 15/09/2021 11:29:13  
Ride Japan LineLive Onahole
This is a really nice onahole. Very soft and has a unique inner texture!

The stimulation isn't as powerful as my Kasya Musume Onahole but can provide lovely sensations. I like Japanese Idols as well so that's an added bonus!

The delivery was incredibly fast and even got an extra packet of lube!
  John, 01/09/2021 19:01:33  
Pepee Lubricant 360 - Normal Viscosity
This is probably the best of the pepee lotions for onaholes as it's thinner than the standard orange cap one. You really don't need to use much as it doesn't seem to dry out.

Washes off easily and the 360ml bottle will last you for ages. I highly recommend it!
  John, 30/08/2021 08:29:53  
NPG Quick Dry Stick
An very useful product, especially for larger toys that are more awkward to clean all the way to their depest parts. I would recommend using alongside other drying methods as there's only so much moisture it can absorb in one go.
  Anonymous, 25/08/2021 10:55:21  
ToysHeart Club Council President
A really great product for anyone in the mood to bang some butt! It's quite different to the average onahole, the boasted 'ring' guarentees a tight entry and really sells the anal angle advertised. It's unusual design also makes it suprisingly easy to clean.
  Max, 25/08/2021 10:48:33  

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