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Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa - Lolinco Virgo

Nice design, feels good. Unfortunately mine ripped within 3 days of getting it, still usable just not as nice. If you do get one be very careful to treat it genially

Anon, 10/01/2019 01:22:07

EXE Kupaa Aoi Onahole

Couple of months in using this toy and i have to say i'm really happy with this purchase the outer part of the toy is nice and chunky and soft to the touch it kind of reminds me of the NPG Yan Ru Yi 006 the inner tunnel feels great organic and not artificial feels realistic build quality is good no tears at the entrance i fully recommend this toy to people who like low stimulus and realistic feeling.

Anonymous , 16/07/2018 00:54:53

Evolotion Lotion - Light

Best Lotion i USed so far highly recommend

Piotr, 26/06/2018 08:49:15

Geki-fera Vacuum Aika Ultimate Blowjob Onahole

Nice little oral masturbator the mouth of this toy look's great very inviting the soft inner layer provides a pleasant sensation i can't say much of the tongue i can't really feel it the lips and cheeks on this toy are floppy and loose because of this the suction is not very good the lube that it comes with is too thick and masked the sensation and tried it with less thick with much better results.

Anonymous , 25/04/2018 12:14:19

Sujiman Kupa - Rina

First time buyer here and I have to say this is, hands down, one of my favorite purchases to date. The shape, feel, and overall experience is terrific. Apparently they can get even better, but I am certainly not disappointed with this one. Make sure you use enough lube, the entrance can get a bit delicate and you may experience some small splits, nothing too bad but mistreat it and you may damage it further. Skin can get kind of sticky and collect lint, but that's a non-issue if properly powdered and stored.

Anon, 17/04/2018 11:49:18

Meiki Mature

The first thing I noticed about this onahole was the firmness of the material. I'm used to NPG onaholes which are soft and squishy, this one is pretty firm, almost like muscle. This could mean a more durable product for long term use but I won't be getting that far.

Anonymous , 28/01/2018 23:58:26

Sagami Original 0.02

The condoms are really thin but solid. They allow a very good feel during penetration and they are the best i tried so far. So far, i couldn't find anything that thin from shops in UK or Europe or from most places online. Really happy with the quality and i don't mind to pay a condom a bit more for the extra pleasure it provides. On the top, delivery was super fast!

Joey, 23/01/2018 23:37:25

NPG Shifuku no Meiki Onahole

This toy looks great and feel's great the anal tunnel not so much just a smooth feeling through out but the vaginal tunnel feel's very good easy to hold during use and easy to clean the only con i have with this toy is it being to short in length.

Anonymous , 16/12/2017 22:40:49

Magic Eyes I Cup Paizuri Bakunyu 

These breast from Magic Eyes are the best realistic breast i've owned build quality is very good and really soft.

Anonymous , 16/12/2017 22:27:19

Puni Ana SPDX Onahole

A expensive toy with great feel. Artificial bone structure adds realism and has a nice snug fit. Material is soft and seems durable enough. A little hard to clean is only thing.

Anonymous, 24/09/2017 17:19:35

Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa - Bride Soft Skin Edition

This toy is SUPER SOFT to touch really smooth inside has a more firm material for more stimulation it is really floppy when your using it but because it is so soft it is easy to tear and only lasted me a couple of usage but i don't regret buying it.

Anonymous , 17/08/2017 19:36:47

You are My Idol!

Better than meiki

Pio, 25/07/2017 04:02:57

Utensil Race (Meiki) - Proof 009 Misaki Rola

The toy feel's great nice and soft the internal tunnel feel's nice and slick but like any npg toy i've owned the entrance starts to tear and loses it's tightness not only that the tear started to form internally and then a hole formed on the side i'm surprised how poorly made this toy is for the price only lasted a couple of usage.

Anonymous, 04/06/2017 00:40:06

Ride Japan Cho Onaho Rotating Pink

This toy let me down big time the outer material feel's firm not soft the inner tunnel doesn't really feel all that great at the end of the tunnel there's a hollow part which feel's empty and the toy being firm even on the inside was the main killer for me, money flushed down the toilet the toy went straight to the bin.

Anonymous, 04/05/2017 23:49:52

Toys Heart R-20

19cm long honestly is the best selling point! the entrance is narrow n it gets wider in the back very stimulating! only thing is i dont really like the teeth like entrance

bb, 17/04/2017 09:04:36

NPG Utensil Race (Meiki) Returns Aika

This toy is nice and thick with a good weight to it the ridges on the outside gives you good grip when you use it the pink texture on the inside is sticky feels really good but nothing i haven't felt before the lube that it came with is not very good too thin i recommend using your own after a couple of usage the entrance tore a bit top and bottom but that's a given but after a couple more usage after that no sign of any more tearing at the entrance .

Anonymous, 04/04/2017 19:56:59

Toys Heart R-20

Excellent. The large entry makes it easy to slide into and the result then is very arousing. Lots of stimulation and the lubricant does stay inside. Even more stimulation possible if you squeeze any air out as the grip is enhanced and really adds to the effect. Recommended.

HAPPY, 21/03/2017 10:55:35

Magic Eyes Wet Lube (Honkijiru Lotion) 360ml

I find this lubricant very effective and long lasting. It is quite thick and you don't need a lot. It has no scent that I can detect. If it gets dry in use then you can revitalise it with a bit of water.

HAPPY, 21/03/2017 10:48:20

Sujiman Kupa - Ephemeral Moment

Nice little toy soft on the outside slightly firmer on the inside the tunnel has a nice ribbed texture visually is nice to look at easy to clean and maintain.

Anonymous, 17/03/2017 01:38:48

Utensil Race (Meiki) Proof 010 - Okita Anri

I like to start off by saying i only used this ONCE! because mine came with a defect so keep that in mind with this review that said this toy visually looks great it's triple layer first toy from NPG but to be honest i didn't see the difference just felt like dual layer to me inside the tunnel feel's nice it wraps round you very good slightly tight feeling the lube that it comes with is high viscosity the Anal tunnel is useless don't even bother using it i feel like it's just an added bonus but fails miserably.

Anonymous, 15/02/2017 13:12:29