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Ride Japan LineLive Onahole
This is a really nice onahole. Very soft and has a unique inner texture!

The stimulation isn't as powerful as my Kasya Musume Onahole but can provide lovely sensations. I like Japanese Idols as well so that's an added bonus!

The delivery was incredibly fast and even got an extra packet of lube!
  John, 01/09/2021 19:01:33  
Pepee Lubricant 360 - Normal Viscosity
This is probably the best of the pepee lotions for onaholes as it's thinner than the standard orange cap one. You really don't need to use much as it doesn't seem to dry out.

Washes off easily and the 360ml bottle will last you for ages. I highly recommend it!
  John, 30/08/2021 08:29:53  
NPG Quick Dry Stick
An very useful product, especially for larger toys that are more awkward to clean all the way to their depest parts. I would recommend using alongside other drying methods as there's only so much moisture it can absorb in one go.
  Anonymous, 25/08/2021 10:55:21  
ToysHeart Club Council President
A really great product for anyone in the mood to bang some butt! It's quite different to the average onahole, the boasted 'ring' guarentees a tight entry and really sells the anal angle advertised. It's unusual design also makes it suprisingly easy to clean.
  Max, 25/08/2021 10:48:33  
RIDE Fuwaana 1mm Virgin
Straight of the bat this bad boy (or girl, really) is extremely soft and rather stretchy. The way it 'tightens' as you penetrate further was quite fun and it's stretchyness allowed for some interesting uses. One major flaw though was in cleaning, lots of little bits of the exterior sort of flaked off under warm water. I don't think it effected the interior but not great nonetheless
  Anonymous, 25/08/2021 10:37:27  
Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa - Rina
All around excellent onahole. The exterior looks and feels good, but the interior is even better. You'll immediately notice the differently coloured material which looks good and feels amazing! I haven't found any flaws, you'll get a lot of use out of this one
  Anonymous, 25/08/2021 10:31:05  
ToysHeart Hakshamusume Kasya Musume Onahole
Definitely the best one I have used so far. It's very well made, quite chunky and nice to hold.

The helix like inner texture provides powerful stimulation and really feels amazing! I want to ride this biker chick more!

10/10 highly recommend this Onahole.

  John, 24/08/2021 20:35:02  
MATE Nana Busty Anime Girl Onahole
The box art is really nice, I love that about Onaholes, you just want to display them on a shelf instead of tucking them away in a draw.

This toy isn't very long but it delivers a lot of sensation even though it is the soft version.

The seven rings inside progressively get smaller at you go in and you may find yourself hanging around the last one because it feels great. It needs a lot of lube to really balance out the feeling though, the toy comes with a sachet and it is just enough for that first time. Trying to get a good balance of suction can be a problem, though because of that this toy can be a little loud.

A lot of my western toys need powdering to stop dust from collecting on it, this one doesn't. Cleaning is easy, you just need to be thorough.

Do not turn this toy inside out to clean.

To close, I give it 4 stars because if you're used to closed ended toys providing that grinding suction you won't find that here. It's all about those rings.
  Anonymous, 23/08/2021 12:59:35  
Toysheart Onatsuyu Masturbation Lubricant
I really love this lubricant because The best thing about it is that it goes well with all Onaholes I have used and its now my favorite and my main one to use all the time now..Its really easy to clean off and also the longevity of it is really good to, All the other lubes I have used gets dry quickly but if you like long and slow you this lube is also really great for that too. 5/5 !!! Glad to see this lube always instock now hehe
  Anonymous, 20/08/2021 19:23:11  
EXE Real Hip Perfect Angel Onahole
Pleased with this toy. Has a good weight to it. Only downside is it can be a bit messy with the exit, but this does make it easier to clean.
  Anonymous, 18/08/2021 17:20:47  
System JO Natural Love USDA Organic Toy Cleaner
Easy to use product, cleans toys well, has no weird smell when used
  Anonymous, 18/08/2021 17:18:34  
Toynary AC01 Diatomaceous Earth Quick Dry Stick
-Works well to wick moisture
-May be too short for larger toys
-Overall good for toy care
  Anonymous, 18/08/2021 17:08:56  
A-One Carizeme Belial Six Crank Onahole
Somehow they managed to invent and really soft/smooth and durable rubber that doesn't attract dust from across the room when it's fresh out the box.

It came with a small sachet of lube in the box which was just enough for a first go right out the box.

It doesn't look like much on the outside but it's what's inside that counts. Feels great to hold, very robust and chunky.

In use it feels great, they reccomend to turn the toy 180 degrees for a different sensation and it actually works!

I'm giving it a 4 purely because it's my first Onahole in nearly 5 years and I can't really compare modern onas to old onas, but i'd say it is worth the money that's for sure.

Delivery was super fast (tracked 24hr in the UK), discreetly packaged.
  Anonymous, 18/08/2021 14:31:57  
EXE Puni Ana SPDX Onahole
I bought the SPDX from Wanta on an old account to replace the smaller Puni Ani & can only say she is even better that her smaller sister: The same vision of delight, an amazing sight as she is entered, the same feeling of sensual delight both front and back but easier to hold, the greater length & firmer structure allowing a more vigorous action but all leading to the same rapturous ending. Enjoy by yourself or share with friends! Excellent value compared to other products of a similar nature.
  John, 10/08/2021 11:08:25  
Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo
The inside is a bit too soft for my liking but pays off after an hour or so, but overall a good buy
  Anonymous, 09/08/2021 16:20:22  
Real Body Kiwami Nama Chichi Fantasy Ultimate Raw Breasts
After careful research for my first breast toy I settled on this set from SSL Japan. Wanta were more expensive than other retailers in EU, JP and USA but I didn't want customs hassle and the service was excellent with free 24h postage. I am not disappointed with my purchase, these are absolutely huge and I haven't stopped playing with them since they arrived. Perfect for dressing up in my partner's lingerie, bikinis, and tops. I recommend washing in warm water and gentle soap, then drying well and applying lots of talc powder before first use, and before storage in the box each time. Soaking in a warm bath and applying lots of talc helps make them feel even more real to the touch. These move, squeeze and jiggle almost like the real thing but less supple. This model is perfect if you're a massive natural breast enthusiast.
  Anonymous, 03/08/2021 17:06:09  
Real Body Kiwami Nama Chichi Fantasy Ultimate Raw Breasts
I ve had various breast sex toys over the years and it is safe to say this one is by far the best! It𠏋 realistic, feels great to play with and is a nice large size but not too heavy. The back plate of the toy holds the breasts in a good position on a reasonably flat surface. The way the toy is made and the breasts positioning on the back plate provides for a good, snug fit without any slipping. Even if its not on an even surface. Which is also infinitely better than any of the others I ve tried. The feel is the best out of any other breast toy I ve had too, due to all the different layers in its construction. The box it comes in also provides for a handy storage solution! All in all this is a great toy and I would definitely recommend it. There is probably few better out there.
  Anonymous, 16/06/2021 04:19:37  
HotPower Masochistic Vampire Arune Sad Love Onahole
The Masochistic Vampire Arune Sad Love is a very good onahole. If I could I would rate it actually 4.5.

Don't let the outside fool you in its basic design as inside you are greeted with stimulation. Inside feels great with good suction that doesn't disappoint.

Reason it's not five is that the outside was a little damaged.
  Daniel, 07/06/2021 06:34:56  
Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa - Rina (Large Version)
The Sujiman Kupa - Rina (Large Version) is one of the onaholes that I can give 5 stars.

Outside feels soft which is great to touch, with a cameltoe. I would describe it as a mild tightness inside and with the mild stimulation, I do recommend it for people who are sensitive as you can get a longer session out of it.
  Daniel, 07/06/2021 06:29:31  
NPG Recommendation Of Slow Solo Sex Onahole
SUPER SOFT! if you like really soft onaholes I recommend this and feels great.
  Anonymous, 01/06/2021 18:19:32  

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