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Magic eyes The Mouth of Truth
For my taste this Is a truly incredible toy. Most of the people I have been with find it odd when I ask for a little more teeth in the mix but this toy cant judge me and provides that extra stimulation in spades. Honestly the most mind blowing experience I have ever had out of a toy. This to me cements the thought that good head is better than sex.
Seems a tad fragile but for the price just buy a second one it really is that good. I think I will try the hard version next.
  Redacted, 28/01/2021 14:33:34  
Magic Eyes - La vie en ROSES
I really enjoyable product, and a big step up from cheaper items I had used before. Perfect size for me, and a nice weight. Both orafices are enjoyable and distinctly different. Pretty hard wearing, mine has developed a tear, but it is two years old now. Thinking about buying the same product again, so that's how much I enjoyed using it!
  Simon , 18/01/2021 14:24:35  
Magic Eyes Love Style 48
This is the first doll type I have bought and I am happy to say it's awesome !!! great weight as well and can be used in many ways , magic eyes are quickly becoming my favourite company for sex toys very happy!
  Neotec, 12/01/2021 15:51:52  
Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa - Lolinco Virgo
This onahole is fantastic tight and the feeling is just beautiful,I actually had tears in my eyes and that's never happened before haha I recommend this highly if you like high stimulation.
  Neotec, 31/12/2020 09:34:34  
EXE Puni Ana SPDX Onahole
It looks good, is great to touch and feel with the skeleton adding to that and giving the structure some needed rigidity. Quite expensive but I would say the size and quality are about worth it. All round great product with the only flaws being the size makes it a little awkward to use and clean and mine had a slight flaw on the top, though it's barely noticeable.
  Anonymous, 23/12/2020 00:48:46  
Purupuru Ass Finale !!
Not worth the price. This is the second hip onahole I've bought and it comes no where close to the first, a puni ana. It feels and looks fine, bar a slightly angular fold down the middle, but the shape and angle makes it awkward to penetrate and worse to sit down and hold. It's also not very durable, I tore the anus on the first use despite me being quite average sized. The extras are nice but nowhere near make up for the rest of the product, get a different product!
  Anonymous, 23/12/2020 00:40:14  
NPG Utensil Race (Meiki) - Proof 012 (Eimi Fukada)
Feels good.
  Numberlla, 18/12/2020 10:11:13  
Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Infinity Ultimate Raw Breasts
Fast shipping and well packaged.

This breast toy compared to my other one is my favourite and would recommend to any oppai fan.

Let's start on the packaging, very visually appealing box with security tape and can be used as a storage box. Beautiful artwork on the inside so would recommend keeping but find somewhere to store it.

The toy itself
High-quality pair of oppai which are great for fondling, paizuri, and just to look at. Use some water-based lube and slide in-between.

The only downside to me is the size, weight but this toy outweighs that downside.

Take time with cleaning and renewing power and this should last you a long time.

Now I need to find more toys to try.
  Atem, 15/10/2020 06:33:30  
Toysheart Virgin Tight Innocent Pussy Onahole Hard Edition
Amazing my favourite ona yet feels so good I cannot recommend this enough!
  Neotec, 01/10/2020 13:14:11  
ToysHeart Women's Dressing Room LUCKY
I bought this as my first "toy" & spent the first month rather pleased with this purchase, but I noticed the material felt a little thin in a couple of spots (around the right ribs & bellybutton) & yea exactly a month after first using "her" a hole opened up on the side mid session, bellow the right breast right at the end of the usable tunnel.
I'd say the top heavy nature of this toy didn't help as the breast area is a solid lump of rubber & can bounce around a lot during more energetic sessions resulting in that thin spot getting more attention.
  Jack, 22/09/2020 06:27:23  
NPG Geki Fera Vacuum Mao Hamasaki
This is my very first one, it doesn't smell bad but it is a little bit oily. I recommend only using one dropping of its lube to feel what's inside as the lube is quite thick. The teeth are not "very hard", still, be gentle to both yourself and the masturbators.
  ANONYMOUS, 13/09/2020 06:18:12  
Ride Japan Perfect Hymen Virgin Kurogane Onahole
First one i have ever bought and i have to say, it feels amazing to use, it's a pain to clean due to the amount of inner things, but it feels very good to use so it's worth it in my opinion, also very tight so have to lube it. Would definitely recommend.
  Anonymous, 01/08/2020 22:37:42  
Magic Eyes Devil's Crack Onahole
Disappointing. I found it difficult to enter as the entry point is tiny. Once in the stimulation was not great. The structure with a large lump of rubber on the end made it difficult to use to any effect.
Back to my RIDE JAPAN CQX EXTREME for relief.
  HAPPY, 27/05/2020 09:16:02  
Magic Eyes Uterus Little Red Riding Hood
This feels unreal so soft and tight lovely entrance and look to.
  Neotec, 07/02/2020 14:21:29  
Ride Japan CQX Extreme
Very effective at reaching orgasm with several rib like structures to stimulate as you penetrate them.
Works best for me with a thin lubricant.
Easy to clean and low odour helps to make it a winner.
A star withheld due to the size being slightly less than optimum for me.
  Happy, 02/12/2019 17:51:20  
NPG Extreme Class Hip 3 Asahi Mizuno
Best onahole i ever have
  eAGLE, 12/09/2019 14:49:28  
NPG Ayano Nana Lotion
Awesome lube, smell really adds something as it does not have the artificial odor of normal lube. literally no complaints about this.
  Anon, 19/08/2019 19:11:05  
Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Crystal Hard
Long story short, bite the bullet and buy the bigger better Virgo version.
I really wanted to like this toy and perhaps that's the problem, high expectations. So take this review with a pinch of salt.
On paper, this is a harder tighter version of an already narrow toy. However, I found it softer than expected, just more springy. The rubbery texture simply didn't feel as good.
It's not a bad toy by any stretch of the imagination, more durable for sure, and with slightly thicker lube performs well. If you've tried a different Magic Eyes crystal hard that you liked, give it a go. But for anyone else seeking an intense onahole, just get the Virgo!
  Kazama, 25/06/2019 02:29:34  
Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa - Lolinco Virgo
An intense experience to rival the mighty Zhang Xiao Yu.

Pros: Extra heft helps the toy hug you in a soft but unyielding embrace.
Double entrance feels heavenly and holds lube well (best part of the toy).
Deeper tunnel is slightly less stimulating, you'll need that to last long!
Durable enough IF you take care and aren't too 'thick'

Cons: Tightness means there's little suction
End chamber is white noise against the other textures.
Some smell on opening and small tears on excessive use.

  Kazama, 25/06/2019 01:53:32  
ToysHeart Club Council President
Anal onaholes are rare, those that live up to their hype rarer still. This toy truly does that and has the tightest entry on the market.
Not for the faint of heart, I recommend buying anal lube to go with this, seriously!
The inner tunnel is very mild by comparison, yet will suck with all its might and conform around you.
No real smell on opening or tears after use.
I don't give 5 star reviews lightly, but HOT DAMN!
  Kazama, 25/06/2019 01:09:15  

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