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ToysHeart Club Council President
A really great product for anyone in the mood to bang some butt! It's quite different to the average onahole, the boasted 'ring' guarentees a tight entry and really sells the anal angle advertised. It's unusual design also makes it suprisingly easy to clean.
  Max, 25/08/2021 10:48:33  
EXE Puni Ana SPDX Onahole
I bought the SPDX from Wanta on an old account to replace the smaller Puni Ani & can only say she is even better that her smaller sister: The same vision of delight, an amazing sight as she is entered, the same feeling of sensual delight both front and back but easier to hold, the greater length & firmer structure allowing a more vigorous action but all leading to the same rapturous ending. Enjoy by yourself or share with friends! Excellent value compared to other products of a similar nature.
  John, 10/08/2021 11:08:25  
EXE Puni Ana SPDX Onahole
Awsome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome,did I say it was awesome but seriously you get what you pay for this feels beautiful I think that's the best word for it if you want mind blowing orgasm's get this !
  Anonymous, 15/04/2021 22:23:53  
Magic Eyes - La vie en ROSES (SOFT)
A step up from the 20-40 masturbators. This is good value and an exciting product to use. Two distinct feelings, and the dual holes make it easy to clean, give it a douche with your shower nozzle and you are done. Wonderful textures, and a good size and weight. Do I recommend? Yes, in fact, this is my second purchase of the same model. My first lasted around three years and I never grew bored! Five Star Product
  Wantafan, 10/02/2021 13:25:48  
ToysHeart Club Council President
This thing murders your cock in the best way. It really is about as close to anal as you can get out of a toy. Spread those cheeks and dive right in with plenty of lube and stroke to mount Olympus.
  Redacted, 28/01/2021 14:48:15  
Magic Eyes Love Style 48
This is the first doll type I have bought and I am happy to say it's awesome !!! great weight as well and can be used in many ways , magic eyes are quickly becoming my favourite company for sex toys very happy!
  Neotec, 12/01/2021 15:51:52  
EXE Puni Ana SPDX Onahole
It looks good, is great to touch and feel with the skeleton adding to that and giving the structure some needed rigidity. Quite expensive but I would say the size and quality are about worth it. All round great product with the only flaws being the size makes it a little awkward to use and clean and mine had a slight flaw on the top, though it's barely noticeable.
  Anonymous, 23/12/2020 00:48:46  
Purupuru Ass Finale !!
Not worth the price. This is the second hip onahole I've bought and it comes no where close to the first, a puni ana. It feels and looks fine, bar a slightly angular fold down the middle, but the shape and angle makes it awkward to penetrate and worse to sit down and hold. It's also not very durable, I tore the anus on the first use despite me being quite average sized. The extras are nice but nowhere near make up for the rest of the product, get a different product!
  Anonymous, 23/12/2020 00:40:14  
ToysHeart Women's Dressing Room LUCKY
I bought this as my first "toy" & spent the first month rather pleased with this purchase, but I noticed the material felt a little thin in a couple of spots (around the right ribs & bellybutton) & yea exactly a month after first using "her" a hole opened up on the side mid session, bellow the right breast right at the end of the usable tunnel.
I'd say the top heavy nature of this toy didn't help as the breast area is a solid lump of rubber & can bounce around a lot during more energetic sessions resulting in that thin spot getting more attention.
  Jack, 22/09/2020 06:27:23  
ToysHeart Club Council President
Anal onaholes are rare, those that live up to their hype rarer still. This toy truly does that and has the tightest entry on the market.
Not for the faint of heart, I recommend buying anal lube to go with this, seriously!
The inner tunnel is very mild by comparison, yet will suck with all its might and conform around you.
No real smell on opening or tears after use.
I don't give 5 star reviews lightly, but HOT DAMN!
  Kazama, 25/06/2019 01:09:15  
EXE Puni Ana SPDX Onahole
A expensive toy with great feel. Artificial bone structure adds realism and has a nice snug fit. Material is soft and seems durable enough. A little hard to clean is only thing.
  Anonymous, 24/09/2017 17:19:35  
Rends USB Masturbators Warmer
Simple and effective, not really much else to say. Use a mains to usb transformer (like a phone charger) to get more heat and warm the hole more quickly.
  A. Guy., 01/02/2017 23:42:54  
Rends USB Masturbators Warmer
Useful. 4 stars because of the construction - can come apart a little too easily.
  B, 29/09/2016 20:33:10  
Rends USB Masturbators Warmer
Convenient little thing
  bill, 08/08/2016 15:08:26  
NPG Shinsei - Extreme Hip (Gokujyou-Namagoshi)
After owning and just using onaholes for most of the time i wanted to try something different so i decided to buy this my first hip toy and i have to say it is probably the best item i bought from here to date hands down it feels amazing front and back both holes feels amazing while using it you kind of trick your brain into thinking your having real life sex it feels a lot better when you have broken into it meaning when it has accustomed to your length and girth tearing is inevitable and it is super soft and squishy and nice to smack and squeeze with your hands cleaning was surprisingly easy i was worried about the cleaning process but i just clean it the same way i do with my onaholes but just more time consuming it is also quite oily and bleeds oil a bit it also has a good weight to it not too heavy not too light just right also this toy is design to be used on a flat surface do not try and use it with your hands it will just feel awkward to use great buy i do not regret spending m
  Anonymous, 09/10/2015 00:41:11  
EXE Extrip - Risa Kasumi
Not what i expected especially with that price tag i feel sorry for who ever paid ¢G103.85 for it i was looking for something similar structure to the meiki up and down because mine is now unusable due to wear and tear so i bought this due to similarity structure and for durability my god did i wish i had not this toy is too rough on my penis tried thin lube thick lube a lot of lube still no improvement i've only used this 2 times and no more it will be paying a visit to the trash can well what can you do trials and error on to the next one.
  Anonymous, 11/01/2015 12:21:57  
EXE Julia Plus
Straight off the bat Julia plus feels amazing the internal structure is not too tight not too loose looks simple but when your inside thats a different story the texture inside is a bit sticky and adds to the realism no weird smell from the toy one of the best looking toys ive seen visually the sculpture of this toy is one of the best ive seen the boobies on this toy is a bonus but i find that they get in the way some times when in use Julia plus also has a good weight to it not too heavy not too light cleaning is very easy while using Julia plus on the box it suggested twisting it while in use ive tried this didnt really feel any difference overall this was a good buy.
  Anonymous, 30/10/2014 21:47:58  
EXE Julia Plus
The Julia+ has a amazing box art, seeing it for yourself compared to online does not match her beauty at all. The texture of the Julia+ can be felt & it's not oily nor does it have a strong smell compared to the meiki 05.

Some bad stuff, well cleaning this. Compared to the meiki 05 needed more extra time just to make sure i cleaned this out. Next is if you are going dry this with paper towels, this will be a very hard job unless you're comfortable with air drying. The last thing the lube that comes with Julia+ is kind of generic so would recommend using your own type.

Some last things the Julia+ is not as soft as the meiki 05 and in my personal opinion is not as simulating as the meiki 05 buts thats does not mean the Julia+ is not good.
  Anonymous, 04/10/2014 21:15:49  
D-Hole Hikaru Shiina
This is probably one of the smallest toy that I have but the walls on this aren't as thin like most other small toys and it isn't as soft a bit on the firm side the combination of the size thickness and firmness makes this toy pretty tight although it is pretty tight you do not lose much sensation from the inside the entrance hole is really small so it will take a couple of tries to get it in at first.
  Anonymous, 07/02/2014 17:37:20  
Minima Massager
This is the first wand we have purchased and didn't want to speand huge sums so I brought this item for my partner she is very disappointed. Most of the vibrations are emitted from the body of this wand with very little being transmitted through the business end at low speeds. When turn up to full speed the head does actually begin to vibrate as we would expect but very weakly.

If you dont have Repetative Strain Injury to you hands and wrist you will have by the time you have used this product for any length of time, the vibrations in the body were uncomfortable to say the least, and we both handled it .

It is solidly built and it was cheap ..... but overall a waste of money.
  Jaman, 06/09/2013 05:43:17  

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