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NPG USB Onahole Warmer
I wouldn't buy this one again. I have used it several times and each time upon entry the heat is very good and then after three or four more insertingions, almost all of the heat is gone.
The price seems good, but you're probably better off spending more money and getting one that is consistant.
  Anonymous, 04/11/2021 11:06:33  
NPG USB Onahole Warmer
Quite straight forward, it a very good warmer for your onahole. I used my battery power bank, attach this and wait about 20 mins and let me say, it does change the experience. It makes it feel more realistic, would easily reccomend.
  ATEM, 31/01/2021 07:16:27  
Rends USB Masturbators Warmer
Simple and effective, not really much else to say. Use a mains to usb transformer (like a phone charger) to get more heat and warm the hole more quickly.
  A. Guy., 01/02/2017 23:42:54  
Rends USB Masturbators Warmer
Useful. 4 stars because of the construction - can come apart a little too easily.
  B, 29/09/2016 20:33:10  
Rends USB Masturbators Warmer
Convenient little thing
  bill, 08/08/2016 15:08:26  
Toynary CR01
Nicely packaged in sturdy box.
Soft variety is indeed very soft and pliable and so far white colour has not stained or discoloured.
Good set of cock rings for beginners and range of sizes provides fitment for all.
  Anonymous, 18/09/2014 20:18:22