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Toynary CR03 - Metal

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Toynary CR03 - Metal

Brand: Toynary

Metal Enduring Ring gives you a tougher appearance, while being durable and easy to clean. The solid material gives you a harder boner.

Toynary CR03 - Metal 40mm

ID: 5938

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1 pcs / 70g


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Toynary CR03 - Metal 45mm

ID: 5939

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1 pcs / 75g


Toynary CR03 - Metal 50mm

ID: 5940

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1 pcs / 85g


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Product Details

The exclusive coldness, firmness and weight of the Metal Enduring Ring gives you a harder erection effect. Different from the usual silicone ring, it can be used with silicone based lube and is easier when it comes to cleaning and sanitising, everything just goes so much easier with the Metal Enduring Ring. The shiny outlook will also add a strong temperament to you.

Product Characteristics:
- Metal material
- Easy to clean
- Can be used with a silicone based lube

-Inner diameter: 40mm / 45mm / 50mm
-Weight: 58g / 64g / 71g

Made in China