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Men's Max UV-C Warmer

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Men's Max UV-C Warmer

Brand: Enjoy Toys

Gentlemen, you’re in luck! More realistic AND safer, and with an affordable price, Men Max’s Sleeve Warmer makes your enjoyable masturbators even more enjoyable. Just like those electronic masturbators that heat up on their own, instead this warmer can be stuck into any one of your masturbators and not only heats it up, but also sterilises with its UV-C light.

Men's Max UV-C Warmer

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1 pcs / 70g


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Product Details

A portable sleeve warmer that can heat up users' masturbators in no time, while also keeping it clean and refreshed right before using. Men Max 's heating device livens up your experience, making your masturbator even more realistic with a warm temperature from 42 - 52C and moist texture added with lube. The warmer makes sure that it doesn't spoil and overheat users' sleeves via its automatic shut-off feature. For preserving the material through heating, add lube prior. The heat becomes really long-lasting with just a 5-minute heat-up! With UV-C light as a final sanitisation right before using, users' hygiene and safety are ensured, taking good care of your python.

*Warning: MUST Add Sufficient Lube while Heating

Product characteristics:
- Quickly heats up masturbators
- Creates more realistic feel
- Sterilises with UV-C Led
- Charges through USB

- Material: ABS
- Insertable Length: 21cm
- Maximum Diameter: 1.9cm