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Tenga Spinner 04 Pixel

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Tenga Spinner 04 Pixel

Brand: Tenga

Gives masturbating a new twist, literally. Pixel is designed for less intense stimulation compared to its counterparts, but with its wider inner diameter and stronger hardness maintain endurance. For extra stimulation, the see-through material allows you to partially observe how it automatically twists with the vacuum effect in each stroke. Try it out if you like edging!

Tenga Spinner 04 Pixel

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Product Details

With automatic vacuum twisting motion, Pixel offers a new form of pleasure, experiencing the intricate swirling patterns in a more innovative way. Pixel is designed for less intense stimulation compared to its counterparts, but it has a wider inner diameter and stronger hardness. Prioritizing soothing sensations over intense ones, large diameter for more vacuum space for an extra twist around the shaft. It is most suitable for prolonged sessions that have gradual buildup to orgasms.

Even though it cannot be flipped inside out to clean, the relatively large entry for water to flow in still makes it convenient and easy to clean. The simple storage container also includes a stand for the masturbator to dry, post masturbation sessions feel less troublesome. The functionality hence allows the cup to be more durable.

Product characteristics:
- Spiral edges in delicate shapes of steps
- One pack of lube included
- Entry hole is big; Easy to clean
- With stand for drying
- Made in non-porous soft silicone
- Double-layered

Product Specifications:
- Material: Silicone
- Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 130mm
- Insertable length: 120mm
- Weight: 130g
- Hardness Lv 4.5; Stimulation Lv 3; Inner diameter Lv 5

**Cannot be flipped inside out**

Made in Japan