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Tenga Crysta - Block

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Tenga Crysta - Block

Brand: Tenga

"Crysta" is a reusable and cleanable masturbation cup. The newly developed insert manufacturing method let the hard colloids scattered around in transparent gel, the floating foliate colloids provide variating pleasure waves smoothly. User can also change the stimulus by changing the grip position and intensity to find new pleasure for each use.

Tenga Crysta - Block

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Product Details

Tenga Crysta Block - Wanta.co.uk
Tenga Crysta Block
Japanese brand TENGA launched the reusable and cleanable masturbation cup series "crysta". This series uses the newly developed insert manufacturing method to put the hard colloid in a crystal like transparent gel. The product design is accompanied by an exclusive storage box, which looks like an artwork that can be used for decoration. The transparent gel in the "crysta" series has softness and elasticity like jelly. There are three styles in the series: Leaf, Ball and Block. Each style has a different internal structure: hard colloids of different shapes with different special textures. Changing the grip position and intensity can create more stimulation.

Product Features:
- Floating block shape colloids provide omnidirectional pleasure waves
- The texture of the inner wall is a group of block shape protrusions that are aligned with the object, like an uneven ice brick wall
- Reusable and washable
- Product design looks like artwork

Tips for Use:
- By changing the grip position and intensity each time, it can bring various stimulation
- Use cold water, warm water or soap to clean thoroughly after each use
- Drain the water and dry it with a towel after cleaning, and then dry in a dedicated storage box

Product Specifications:
- Model: CRY 003 (crysta Block)
- Body Size: 57mm x 57mm x 90mm
- Package Size: 72mm x 72mm x 114mm
- Body Weight: About 220g

Made in Japan