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NPG Quick Dry Stick

1 pcs

If masturbator is not thoroughly dry, water stains still remain in the depths, which will breed bacteria and produce odor! Now only need NPG Quick Dry Stick instantly absorbs water and deodorizes. It can be dried naturally after use, but it needs to be lightly used!

In Stock £7.95
Toynary AC01 Diatomaceous Earth Quick Dry Stick

1 pcs

This dry stick is made of diatomaceous earth that is mined from deep mining area. This stick can quickly and easily absorb the excess water inside the male masturbator and purify the odor. By removing the water and moisture can inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the masturbator, which can prolong the life of the masturbator and ensure the health of the user. Simply insert it into the masturbator and rub gently, the water will be absorbed instantly. Very convenient!

In Stock £7.55
Toynary CR01